There seems to be some confusion as to how the new league management system will work for move ups and move downs. Part of the reason for this confusion is the Presidents finalized the polices at their March 2023 meeting, with many of their final decisions not yet in writing. Over the summer we drafted revised EVSTL By-Laws consistent with what was voted upon. They will be finalized at the October 26, 2023 meeting of the EVSTL. This is how move ups and move downs will be addressed:
A player will move up at the end of the season if the player if they have won 75% or more of their matches and 55% or more of their games.

A player will move down if they have won 20% or less of their matches. In other words, if a player plays 14 matches and wins 3 of those matches, they will have exceeded the 20% and would not be moved down.

A few other points may be helpful:

Captains are encouraged mix up the pairings on their teams throughout the season.

A player must have played a minimum of 8 matches to meet the move up or down criteria.

The individual clubs decide 1.5 move ups, not the win/loss percentages. When a 1.5 is ready to play 2.0, they should be moved up.

The EVSTL By-Laws provide that an individual player may request an on-court evaluation. After that evaluation, regardless of win/loss percentages, the club may move the player up or down if they determine the player will have success at that level.

While the Club Presidents could modify the above rules, the EVSTL Executive committee is encouraging members to play under the new system for while before making changes.

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