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We have been in communication with the Cal-Am Administration and presented a list of questions regarding park rules or restrictions affecting our club activities. Understandably, some issues are beyond their control. They have not directly responded to my questions but agreed to share information as soon as it becomes available, so many of our plans are contingent on: a. The opening of the US/Canadian Border b. Individual park restrictions for visitors We recently surveyed our membership. Based on those responses, we would expect about 50% of our members to return between November and January. We hope more will return as information on a vaccine and the border situation becomes clearer. As you know, the EVSTL has postponed league play until January. The MR Tennis Club Executive Committee has been communicating and reviewing our options. It is our hope that until inter-park play is restored, the MR Tennis Club should work to establish an organized in-house tennis program that will offer as many members as possible an opportunity to play. We understand that most of you could simply set up your own daily matches. The Executive Committee feels strongly that some level of organized club play will best meet the needs of most members and assist with the transition back to inter-park play when it becomes available. With half or our members absent, there should be plenty of available court time. A proposed outline of an Intra-Club Rec Program is attached. Please look it over. Like normal league play, we envision each level of play would be assigned a particular morning to hold matches. We feel the Sky Box is a unique asset that adds to our club’s communication and comradery. I have asked Cal-Am to approve use of the Sky Box as long as members wear masks and observe social distancing. Food is likely out. I am asking about coffee. We are reviewing options for weekly practices. Questions on combining levels of play to establish sufficient numbers for drills and identifying available coaches will be addressed. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas you might have. Should one or more resorts be interested in inter-club play (and allowed by their parks), we could expand our program to accommodate. When more parks open up, MR will consider going to EVSTL’s REC Tennis Program that we shared with you this past spring. TEAM CAPTAINS: Initially, we will be needing a Rec Captain for each level of play/gender. I will be contacting elected 2020-21 captains. If they will be returning , I will ask them to serve as Rec Captains. In their absence, I will be looking for volunteers to be captains until league play begins. CLUB DUES: Club activities are likely to be limited. We have asked for clarification on restrictions on club activities such as our Welcome Back Party. At this time, we do not have a good feel as to 2020-21 operating costs. Some have mentioned that we have sufficient reserves to forgo club dues. Others have pointed out that by foregoing dues, the people not able to come down this year would be subsidizing those who can. Each has a point. It is the recommendation of the Executive Committee to set dues at $10 per person initially on those participating in club activities during the 2020-21 year. We can adjust dues accordingly when we meet and as the year progresses. Fellow members, we are living in a strange time with many uncertainties. It is the goal of your Executive Committee to establish as many activities as possible and to offer a robust tennis program so that the 2020-21 year will be a fun experience for all who are able to participate. I apologize for this some what rambling note. Hopefully it will be a good start for planning the up-coming year.

Ken Borle

President Mesa Regal Tennis Club.

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