Members are slowly (very slowly) returning to Mesa Regal.  Temps have been hot but  beginning to cool a bit.  We were able to get the courts washed off this week. Thanks to you volunteers. You should have received a copy of the EVSTL  Exec  committee minutes from Clayton Peterson.  It  looks like the Board will be recommending we focus on Recreational tennis models this year.  Ten Cap league play may be out.  The EVSTL board will meet in early December and discuss this issue.  More information to follow.

I have heard from VDO, VV and TP.  They are very interested in joining MR for weekly Recreational match play.  More information will come shortly.


     We have a club meeting scheduled for Monday Nov 2 at the sky box at 4:30.  Should be a short meeting.  Please attend.
    We would like to have a skybox cleanup at 8:00 AM this Thursday.  We need your help.  If you can bring a bucket and rag, we will clean up the chairs and tables and hopefully spray off the Skybox deck. We will clean up the Grill at a later date being no food is being served.  I will have a pressure washer available.  The more hands available, the faster the work.  Pease be there. Put it on your calendar.

Otherwise, we are looking forward to seeing everyone able to come down.  We have started morning round robin play.  Most morning we have 2-3 courts.  Hope to see you.

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