To everyone here at Mesa Regal, I want to share this message.  Cal-Am management contacted me today.  They reported that there is more than the allowed 50 chairs in the sky box area.  They also reminded me about the Cal-Am social distancing and mask policy.  Their point is that masks should be worn and we need to limit seating to 50 people in the skybox or the chairs would be removed.

The message was stern but actually pretty reasonable.

First, I spread the seating out and stacked and locked up the extra chairs. Unless you are sitting next to someone in your household, be six feet away.

Second, when in the skybox or heading to or from the courts, wear your mask.  If you are drinking a beverage, you can remove the mask, but distance yourself.

Third, Captains help me remind everyone to wear their masks.  I don’t want to be anyone’s policeman either, but I don’t want to lose our skybox furniture and privileges like other parks have.

AND the good news is the anti-virus vaccines seem to be moving ahead rapidly, and all of this should end before the end of the season.

Thanks everyone for you help with this.

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