We believe in the importance of protecting our personal information
stored in our website. For this reason a number of security options
have been implemented and all users need to be aware of these as well
as some inevitable inconveniences that may impact your access to the
1. Use of a strong password that should have at least 10 characters,
including upper case, lower case, numbers and special characters. When
you change your password the website will indicate whether the
password you enter is strong. It is recommended that you use the
option of saving the username and password when you login using your
own personal computer. Never save your username and password while
using a public computer.
2. Use of the CAPTCHA option to detect whether the user trying to
login is a person or a computer (also called a bot). CAPTCHA is an
acronym for a software program that checks the patterns of the user
during the login process and if it does not recognize clearly as a
person it will display a message and send an email indicating that
further verification is required and providing a link for verification
and login. Of course only a person can respond to this request.
This may happen to you when you are logging into the website from a
device different from the one you normally use, or some other
Your action should be simple: Read the email you received from MRTC
Webmaster and click on the link “Verification and Login” you will be
taken to the login page again.
3. Use of the option “Brute Force Protection” that will lockout the
user after 5 incorrect password attempts and 10 login failures. If you
are blocked only the Administrator can release the lock. Please
contact MRTC Webmaster if you need help.
4. Rate limiting: This option is intended to stop hackers from trying
to access our website many times per minute. This rarely may happen to
you, but if it does you will receive an email indicating that your
computer IP address is temporarily blocked. The temporary time is set
currently at 5 minutes. Please try again after 5 minutes.

The above requirements apply to all users. In addition we also have
one that is specific for certain users that have a role of
Administrator or Executive Committee:
2FA – Two Factor Authentication requires that during login the user
provide a verification code.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact webmaster@mrtennis.org and also please bring your questions or concerns to our next ZOOM meeting scheduled for 12/18/2020 at 1:00 PM AZ

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