Regrets, that I didn’t have this information to share at yesterday’s MR tennis club meeting, but here goes.

I turned in a Work Order for repair to court six net posts  yesterday. They had pulled out of their sleeves and were 4/5 inches too high. A day later Cal-Am (Mesa Regal) staff repaired them. WOW.   MR maintenance continues to be very responsive to our maintenance requests.  Court 6 is good to go.

Court 4 has been repaired and repainted. It is ready Thursday.  Looks good.

Maintenance will start some repairs and repainting on court 2 Monday. With court 4 back on line, we will still have five courts.

When court two is complete, they will be repainting court 1.

Pickle ball will be having a tournament early December.  We have agreed to give them courts 5 and 6 for either matches or warm up courts.  They are a bit dusty. They are going to spry off the courts prior to the tournament and will give use advance notice.  Captains be prepared for courts 5 and six not to be available.  We will give you advanced notice.

Cal-Am mentioned that they will try to get the new infer-red heaters installed soon. With todays temps high its not an issue, but that will change in December.

I will get work orders on the light not working on court 1 and no lights at all on court 3.

Just for you awareness, I want to mention again, Cal-Am has been extremely helpful in responding to our court concerns.  If you see issues, please let either Darryl Walls or me know.


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