The mixed doubles ladder begins on Saturday Nov. 19th. There is a sign up sheet at the skybox but you can also email me ( your information: your name and partner's name, email addresses, level of play, and phone numbers. Teams will stay the same throughout the ladder but it is okay to have subs or a new partner if the need arises. Teams can join the ladder at any time.  The goal is to have fun, with lots of opportunity for play. 

The ladder will run all season. There may be two divisions depending on how many teams are playing. I will be setting up matches each week with teams that are at a similar level. A team's “level” is determined by the combined levels of each player (i.e. a 2.0 player and a 3.0 player are level 5.0). We have available court time on Saturdays, but if that day doesn't work on a particular week you can arrange another time if all parties agree. I will email more info regarding rules etc. to those who sign up. The deadline for signing up is Nov. 16th.
Again, the purpose of the ladder is to offer opportunities for playing lightly competitive, fun tennis. Please email me if you have any questions. 
See you on the courts!

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