Hello, Tennis Family,

The MRTC had three teams in the finals of the LW Tournament Saturday.


Sandy Dymock and Cyndi Griffiths went undefeated this week entering the finals of the 2.5W Championship division.  They lost a very close final match in the match tiebreaker and earned a Silver medal!  Great week, Ladies!  Congratulations on a successful tournament.


Mack Mackay and his partner, Ron Bahauad from RH, competed in the 2.0M Consolation finals.  After losing their first match early in the week they went on to win all their remaining matches, including the finals! They earned a Bronze medal!  Congratulations, Gentlemen, on a long week of tournament play.

Harold Patterson and Darryl Walls competed in the 4.0M Consolation finals.  They had an early first-round loss but then went on to win their remaining matches for the week. They lost their final match today in a match tiebreaker. Great effort, Gentlemen!

The players want to thank all the fans who came out to cheer for them this week.  Your support was much appreciated.

The next tournament is the weekend Mixed Doubles Holiday Tournament at Sunland Village East just before Christmas.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Margie Crofoot, court reporter

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