Club President Darryl Walls asked that this information be shared with the club.
I met with the new Activities Director at Mesa Regal today.  It was a good meeting and more importantly, we received GREAT NEWS.
In no particular order (just how we talked) here goes.
1.  Masks are not mandatory, masks are encouraged.   Cal-Am is asking those people who are not vaccinated to wear a mask.
2.  Any of the other Cal-Am Park tennis players may play at Mesa Regal as invited guests.
3.  Tournaments at Mesa Regal with none Cal-Am players are OK.
4.  University and Greenfield gates are scheduled to open beginning October 15, but not promised.  Right now, they are exit only.
5.  Restrooms across from tennis courts will be open and available beginning October 15.
6.  SKYBOX- We should try to socially distance ourselves.  Common areas are limited to 50% capacity. Skybox tables should be at least six feet apart, but you can have as many chairs per table as you like.  Again, masks are encouraged but not required.
7.  Food and Coffee Service in Skybox- If providing coffee, it must be served, not self-service.  Must use single use cups (Styrofoam).  If you have your own cup, first get served in the Styrofoam cup and pour into your cup. The idea is to avoid multiple people touching the same object.  For food, it’s the same concern – no buffet style food.   Single use food such as individually wrapped cookies are allowed and food needs to be served.
8.  They are asking we have sanitizer bottles available around food and skybox.
9.  AND last but not least, we can have EVSTL league play (recreational or Ten-Cap) with non-Cal-Am parks included.  They are uncertain whether they will require outside players to enter through the main gate only or if guest badges would be required.  More information later.
10.  Last item discussed is all rules are subject to clarification or change (that makes sense.)  I was also told that Cal-Am upper management stated that they want residents to return to having fun!
All this is great news.  I cannot say these rules will apply to all Cal-Am Parks, but this information is based on a Cal-Am zoom meeting which I believe included the other parks.   As to coffee and food, we can discuss this at our November club meeting.  A possible suggestion is to serve coffee, and forget about food at this time.  There are lower volume coffee brewing systems to provide faster brewing as needed. Then we would have to see if teams would volunteer to get someone to serve it.
This is indeed a good day.
Ken Borle
PS:  We have notified the EVSTL Executive committee that we likely will not be able to provide food during league play at least initially.  The league bylaws require food and beverages be served.

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