Just a brief update. CalAm ground out the crackers on courts 3 and 5.  They have filled in cracks on 3 and are likely to start painting soon.  Court 5 is not ready yet.  We are being told the courts will be ready by season opener.

For those in the resort, we would like to get one ball machine set up on court 4.  If you can help, we can move cabinet and machine down on Friday at 8:30.

Anyone having used balls, please save them and put in ball machine when we get it set up.  The courts are a bit dirty. We might wait until courts washed b/f putting in new balls. Hopefully real soon.

FYI when they moved the back board for court 206 to 5, it’s was damaged. It was already in poor shape. You EC approved having it removed, which has been done.

Today we had three courts playing until the grinding dust drove us to two.

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